St. Andrews Center

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New Way Club- A.A. Meetings

The Twelve Steps

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The Twelve Concepts

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Our Building Partners range from Non Profit Organizations to Artists.


The result is a more effective synergy of service to our neighbors and the broader community as people live out the experience of collaborating and sharing resources for common purposes under one roof.


Mission-To provide an affordable, quality ESL program for all internationals in Chattanooga.

Our philosophy is that beginning language learners need an intensive program of hearing the sounds of English so they can reproduce these sounds. Guided practice is essential to correct pronunciation.

Fall Classes:

New Classes started Monday, August 5th

                  Time - 7 pm - 9 pm

Address - 1918 Union Ave - Room 107

To Register text  your name to 423-521-2692

                Cost $25 for 7 classes

Laughing Sprouts provides high quality, health focused, socially responsible lunches to children and adults around Chattanooga, TN.

423 903-7336

Currently 10 Different Artists: from painters to sculpture art.